JIDX Contest Claimed Category List
JIDX 2011 PHONE Contest
Claimed Category List


Updated at 2011-12-19 08z
JIDX Contest Committee
Chairman: JE1CKA Tack Kumagai

This list will be updated a few times during the week to the deadline by the manual operation. Therefore, it might take about four days for your name to be displayed in this list at most.

  If you find any error in this list, please send your inquiry to 
the committee with the following information as soon as possible?
Email to JIDX-Chairman with 
    Used callsign during JIDX contest:

The committee has been checking email-logs and we hope to 
have the final result by mid Aug(CW)/Apr(PHONE).


Class Abbreviations:

AB  : ALL BAND High Power
3.5 : 3.5MHz Single Band High Power
 7  :  7MHz Single Band High Power
14  : 14MHz Single Band High Power
21  : 21MHz Single Band High Power
28  : 28MHz Single Band High Power
ABL : ALL BAND Low Power
3.5L: 3.5MHz Single Band Low Power
 7L :  7MHz Single Band Low Power
14L : 14MHz Single Band Low Power
21L : 21MHz Single Band Low Power
28L : 28MHz Single Band Low Power
Mop : Multi Operator
CHK : Check Log
MM  : Maritime Mobile (not eligible for award)
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[JA5]   [JA6]   [JA7]   [JA8]   [JA9]  

====== DX =======

2E0WDX           CHK 

4U1ITU           AB  
4X0A(4X1VF)      28  

9A1DL            ABL 
9A1FBC(9A4MF)    28L 
9A2UZ            7   
9A4VM            ABL 
9A4W             7L  
9A5MT            21  
9A6K(9A3QB)      7L  
9A6M             7L  
9A7V             28  
9A8DX            AB  
9A9A             28  
9M2ESM           28  
9M2IDJ           28  
9M2JKL           MOP 
9M2SM(9M2GET)    21  
9M2ZAK           28L 
9M6YBG           AB  
9Z4DZ            21L 

AA6YX            AB  
AB2TC            ABL 
AE5NO            ABL 
AE6YB            21L 
AG6AY            ABL 
AH0BV            3.5 
AH0BW            28L 
AH2J             AB  
AY0DX(LU3DR)     14L 

BA1GM            AB  
BA1SN            ABL 
BA4SCP           ABL 
BA4SD            ABL 
BD3MF            ABL 
BD3OE            28  
BD4FM            AB  
BD4HF            ABL 
BD4QA            14L 
BD4QH            AB  
BD4RDU           ABL 
BD4TZ            3.5L
BD4UJ            ABL 
BD4WN            28L 
BD7OZG           ABL 
BG4QNE           ABL 
BG5CIC           21L 
BG5LU            ABL 
BH1IUM           ABL 
BH4RNX           14L 
BH4SFF           21L 
BH4SHG           ABL 
BH4SLR           ABL 
BH4SRB           ABL 
BH4SXP           CHK 
BH4SYG           ABL 
BH4TPC           ABL 
BH4WFT           28L 
BH7PFH           ABL 
BM100(BV1EL)     ABL 
BU2AW            21  
BV4VQ            28L 
BY1SK            MOP 

CE1TT            AB  
CE2LS            MOP 
CT1CDP           ABL 
CT1DZY           ABL 
CT2JBG           AB  
CT7AEQ(LZ1WR)    21L 
CV5K             MOP 
CX1AZ            21L 
CX2DK            21  
CX4DX            28L 

DB3RB            ABL 
DD1MAT           7   
DF2SD            28L 
DH0GDS           28  
DH8BQA           28  
DJ1AA            AB  
DJ1ZU            28L 
DJ4DN            ABL 
DK4WF            28L 
DL1DXA           ABL 
DL1JGO           ABL 
DL1NKS           ABL 
DL4RAT           ABL 
DL6DVU           AB  
DL8UAT           28  
DL8ZAW           AB  
DM1CM            ABL 
DM5BB            28L 
DO1RTO/M         ABL 
DO6MBA           28L 
DS5TOS           7L  
DU1/JJ5GMJ       AB  
DU1AV            AB  
DU7HF            ABL 
DU7RH            MOP 
DV1MM            21L 
DX1J(JF1IST)     7   

E27EK            28L 
E74WN            7L  
EA1ACP           21  
EA1BFZ           21L 
EA1DVY           28  
EA2DT            ABL 
EA2WD            ABL 
EA3ELZ           7   
EA3FF            ABL 
EA3NO            28L 
EA5GVZ           28L 
EA7IBK           AB  
EA8CNR           ABL 
EA8DG            ABL 
EB1IC            AB  
EC5CFV           28L 
EI0PL            MOP 
EI3CTB           14L 
EI4CF            ABL 
EI4GXB           14  
EI4II            ABL 
ER3CT            ABL 
ER4LX            ABL 
ES1LS            ABL 
ES5KJ            28L 
ES5RW            7   
ES5RY            21  
ES6KW            ABL 
ES8SX            ABL 
EU1A             7   
EW1DO            3.5 
EW6AF            MOP 
EW8ZO            MOP 
EW8ZZ            MOP 
EX2X             28L 
EY8MM            28  

F4AIF            AB  
F4ASQ            AB  
F4DSK            28  
F4FEP            14L 
F4FFH            14  
F4FRF            ABL 
F4GFT            28L 
F4GTD            28L 
F5NBX            21  
F5PAL            ABL 
F6CXJ            AB  
F6DRP            ABL 
F8DVD            14  

HA3DX(HA4XH)     21L 
HA3GN            28L 
HB9CIC           AB  
HG0R(HA0NAR)     28L 
HK3JJH           ABL 
HS8JYX           21L 

I4FYF            21  
I6ONE            28L 
IK2IKW           21  
IK8UND           28L 
IN3BFW           AB  
IT9AUG           AB  
IT9WTY           ABL 
IV3JCC           28  
IV3UHL           AB  
IW0HLZ           21  
IW3IFJ           ABL 
IZ1NBX           AB  
IZ3GNG           ABL 
IZ5ILK           AB  
IZ7GXB           ABL 
IZ8LIP           28L 

JT1CO            7   
JT1DA            28L 
JT5DX(JT1DO)     28  

K1GI             28  
K1JB             AB  
K2AVI            AB  
K2PO             ABL 
K2SSS            28  
K3FIV            ABL 
K3TW             7   
K3ZO             AB  
K4EU             28  
K6III            28  
K6MSM            ABL 
K6TU             21  
K6UF             ABL 
K6UW             CHK 
K6XX             AB  
K7AWB            14  
K7JKM            ABL 
K7LY             28  
K7SS             28  
KA6PUW           28L 
KC7WDL           ABL 
KD8HHG           ABL 
KE2VB            AB  
KE6IUE           28L 
KF6ILA           AB  
KF7GYE           AB  
KH0O             MOP 
KH6QJ            3.5 
KL2HD            ABL 
KM6I             ABL 
KN7K             AB  
KO6LU            ABL 
KS2G             28L 
KS4X             ABL 

L40E(LU4DX)      28  
LA2XPA           CHK 
LA9AJA           14  
LA9DAA           7   
LB9RE            AB  
LR4E(LW4EU)      28L 
LU2NI            ABL 
LU3DX            21L 
LU3HFA           28L 
LU6EVD           28L 
LU7DSU           21L 
LU7HZ            28L 
LW0F             MOP 
LW5HR            28L 
LY1NDN           ABL 
LZ1NG            28  
LZ1RA            28L 
LZ2PS            28L 
LZ2ZD            AB  
LZ2ZY            ABL 
LZ3RN            ABL 

M0VKY            AB  
M6KLO            ABL 
MU0GSY           ABL 

N4DJ             28  
N6QQ             28  
N6RO             7L  
N6SS             7   
N7DR             AB  
N7MAL            7L  
N9VPV            ABL 
NA2X             21L 
NC0B             AB  
NK3Y             ABL 
NK7U             MOP 
NR8R             ABL 
NT6X             AB  
NW5Q             ABL 
NW6J             28L 
NX6T             MOP 

OG1T(OH1TIN)     21  
OH3CV            ABL 
OH3P             ABL 
OH6FXW           ABL 
OH6IU            21  
OH6ML            7   
OH6NT            21  
OK1MGW           28L 
OK2BEN           ABL 
OK2BZE           14L 
OK2ILD           7L  
OK2MRJ           CHK 
OK6AB            AB  
OK8ACS           7   
OM4KK            28  
OM7JM            ABL 
OM8HG            21L 
ON6FC            AB  
OO2T             21L 
OZ1ADL           28  
OZ2PBS           AB  
OZ4NA            ABL 
OZ7EA            AB  

PA0DOM           CHK 
PA0MIR           14L 
PA1CM            AB  
PA8KW            ABL 
PD1B             ABL 
PI4DX(PD1DX)     28  
PP5JAK           28  
PU2NDY           28L 
PU3KNP           28L 
PV2C             ABL 
PY1MT            ABL 
PY1PDF           ABL 
PY1RY            ABL 
PY1SX            21L 
PY1TR            ABL 
PY2KJ            AB  
PY3AJB           ABL 
PY3APY           AB  
PY3FBI           28  
PY3YD            28L 
PY5PDC           ABL 

R0AA             21  
R0CY             7L  
R2DX             28  
R3AAA            28L 
R3BT             28L 
R3LC             7   
R3NA             AB  
R3VA             28  
R3ZZ             21L 
R4HA             14L 
R4HR             28L 
R6CD             AB  
R7NA             ABL 
R9FR             ABL 
R9OAZ            ABL 
RA0AY            AB  
RA0QD            28  
RA0QQ            28L 
RA1AFR           ABL 
RA1AL            ABL 
RA3DNC           28L 
RA3FY            28L 
RA3PPA           ABL 
RA3RBL           ABL 
RA3TJX           ABL 
RA4ACX           ABL 
RA6XV            ABL 
RA9U             ABL 
RC6U             AB  
RG5A             28L 
RK0SV            ABL 
RK3DXW           MOP 
RK3TS            ABL 
RK9DO            28L 
RK9UN            14L 
RL3A(R3DCX)      AB  
RL3T             28L 
RL3ZH            7L  
RL6LP            ABL 
RM5D             ABL 
RN1NW            28  
RN2FQ            28L 
RN3ZC            28L 
RN4ACX           28L 
RN4AM            28L 
RT0Q             AB  
RT4RO            AB  
RT8O             AB  
RU0FM            MOP 
RU3FI            AB  
RU3FN            AB  
RU4SO            ABL 
RU9HM            28L 
RV9MA            28L 
RV9WND           AB  
RW0UU            21  
RW1CW            ABL 
RW1CX            28L 
RW3AI            ABL 
RW3VA            AB  
RW3WX            28L 
RW4PX            ABL 
RW9TP            14  
RX0SA            ABL 
RX0TX            28L 
RX1CQ            14L 
RZ1ZZ            14  
RZ3VA            ABL 
RZ4FWW           MOP 
RZ4HC            28  
RZ9UI            21  
RZ9UO            21L 
RZ9YB            ABL 

S51DX            28  
S51Z             28L 
S52SK            28L 
S59T             MOP 
SD2G             AB  
SE5S             ABL 
SE6Y(SM6DED)     AB  
SF7WT(SM7WT)     28  
SG7A             AB  
SM0FM            ABL 
SM2MZC           ABL 
SM4DQE           28  
SM7ATL           ABL 
SN2K(SP2DWG)     7   
SN2T(SP2IST)     28  
SN9P             CHK 
SO4R(SP4JCP)     AB  
SO6I             28  
SO8W(SQ8JLN)     28L 
SO9C(SQ9CNN)     28L 
SO9R             7   
SP1QXK           ABL 
SP1RKT           28  
SP2LQP           CHK 
SP2RIQ           28L 
SP3DRM           14L 
SP3JIA           AB  
SP3SPK           ABL 
SP4CGJ           ABL 
SP4ICD           28L 
SP4LVK           ABL 
SP4SHD           ABL 
SP5NVX           CHK 
SP6OPZ           ABL 
SP7CCB           ABL 
SP7FI            28L 
SP8RHL           7   
SP9AQF           AB  
SP9JZT           7L  
SP9LJD           AB  
SQ1KSA           ABL 
SQ1RMM           28L 
SQ4G             14L 
SQ4JEN           ABL 
SQ5CSD           28L 
SQ6R             28  
SQ8LSC           28L 
SV2DCD           28  
SV2GJV           AB  
SV2YC            ABL 
SV9AHZ           AB  
SV9COL           21L 

TA1CQ            AB  
TA1DK            28L 
TK4LS            28L 

U1BD             AB  
UA0CNX           ABL 
UA0IBX           AB  
UA0OD            28L 
UA0UK            ABL 
UA2OQ            CHK 
UA3DJY           CHK 
UA3MIF           7L  
UA4UT            28L 
UA6ART           ABL 
UA6LIE           ABL 
UA8CW            ABL 
UA9JFH           ABL 
UA9LAO           28L 
UA9LGD           ABL 
UA9MA            AB  
UA9OAO           28L 
UA9OMT           21L 
UA9YTH           ABL 
UB9AAJ           7L  
UD3D             MOP 
UI4I             21  
UN6GK            ABL 
UN8PT            28L 
UR3IFD           CHK 
UR3QCW           28L 
UR4EI            AB  
UR5EAF           ABL 
UR5EPG           AB  
UR5ETN           28L 
UR5QW            AB  
UR5RP            7L  
UR5WHQ           28L 
UR7IYI(IVAN)     28L 
UR8QR            ABL 
US2IR            28  
US2IW            ABL 
UT2IY            28  
UT5LO            28L 
UT5UKY           AB  
UT7CA            ABL 
UT7EL            28  
UT7EW            28L 
UV5EEO           ABL 
UW2I(UT2IJ)      7   
UY1HY            ABL 
UZ4I(UX6IZ)      21  

VA2UTC           ABL 
VA6MA            ABL 
VA7BEC           ABL 
VA7DXC           ABL 
VA7IR            14L 
VE2EZD           AB  
VE3NR            28L 
VE6TL            AB  
VE7AX            AB  
VK2ACC           AB  
VK3AVV           AB  
VK4QH            AB  
VK4XES           ABL 
VK6MAB           28L 
VK6XX            28  
VR2EH            MOP 
VR2XMT           28  

W0PAN            28L 
W2AJW            ABL 
W2TF             AB  
W2YR             AB  
W6AFA            AB  
W6ZEN            21  
W6ZL             ABL 
W7KAM            28L 
W9DKC            ABL 
W9NGA            28  
WA6FGV           21  
WA7NWL           21L 
WD7K             AB  
WH2X             28  
WL7BDO           ABL 
WO6M             AB  
WW7CA            MOP 
WX7P             AB  

XE2B             28  
XQ7UP            28L 

Y08RZJ           28L 
YB0BCU           28  
YB0COX           21  
YB0JS            28  
YB0MWM           21L 
YB0NDT           14L 
YB1BGI           7L  
YB1UUN           28L 
YB2DX            AB  
YB3IZK           28L 
YB3OX            AB  
YB9WZJ/1         7   
YC1BRS           21L 
YC1KI            ABL 
YC1LA            AB  
YC1RHS           ABL 
YC2FAJ           ABL 
YC9AOS           21L 
YC9CT            7L  
YD1DDB           7L  
YD1EGP           7   
YL1ZS            AB  
YL2GUV           28L 
YO2LAN           ABL 
YO2MJZ           28L 
YO2MKT           28L 
YO2RR            21  
YO3APJ           28  
YO3CZW           AB  
YO3HOT           7L  
YO3VU            AB  
YO4DW            AB  
YO4RFR           28L 
YO4US            7L  
YO5OAG           21L 
YO5OBA           ABL 
YO5PJF           ABL 
YO6OHS           CHK 
YO7BGB           ABL 
YO8DDP           28L 
YO8THG           ABL 
YO8WW            7L  
YO9BXC           28L 
YO9HOW           28L 
YO9IKW           28  
YT2VP            ABL 
YT4A(YT1AA)      3.5 
YU1DW            28  

JA0BJY           ABL 
JA0IOF           28  
JA0NFP           ABL 
JH0EPI           14L 
JH0JDV           28L 
JH0NEC           3.5L
JH0NOS           7   
JJ0KRD           28  
JR0BUL           28L 

7L2OHM           28L 
7L3DGP           28L 
7M1MCY           ABL 
7M4HXE           ABL 
7N4CPT           ABL 
JA1AZR           ABL 
JA1BIV           ABL 
JA1BJI           ABL 
JA1GLE           AB  
JA1IXY           AB  
JA1LBZ           ABL 
JA1LNZ           7   
JA1LPQ           ABL 
JA1NGW           7L  
JA1POS           14L 
JA1PUK           28  
JA1QGT           28  
JA1UZG           ABL 
JA1VGV           ABL 
JA1WWO           28  
JA1XMS           28L 
JA1XUU           28L 
JA1ZGP           MOP 
JD1BIA           21L 
JE1CKA           MOP 
JE1CWQ           ABL 
JE1LDU           ABL 
JE1SPY           3.5L
JF1DWJ           ABL 
JF1OPL           AB  
JF1TEU           28L 
JF1UOX           28L 
JG1GCO           14L 
JG1LPL           ABL 
JG1MZS           28L 
JG1SWV           ABL 
JG1VGX           AB  
JG1WGE           28L 
JG1WKM           21L 
JH1ACA           21  
JH1DGB           ABL 
JH1FNU           ABL 
JH1HIC           AB  
JH1OCC           28  
JH1OES           28L 
JH1XUZ           28L 
JI1ALP           ABL 
JI1LET           7   
JI1RAK           ABL 
JJ1ENZ           ABL 
JJ1HHJ           ABL 
JK1FUP           28L 
JK1SQI           21  
JK1UKQ           28L 
JL1DLQ           AB  
JL1RXW           AB  
JM1LRQ           28L 
JM1UTT           ABL 
JN1BBO           21L 
JN1DNV           7L  
JO1SIM           AB  
JO1WIZ           28L 
JP1IMA           7L  
JP1LRT           ABL 
JQ1BVI           ABL 
JR1AHP           ABL 
JR1BTG           ABL 
JR1GJP           AB  
JR1MRG           ABL 
JR1NKN           21L 

8J2NDP/2         MOP 
JA2AXB           ABL 
JA2CUS           ABL 
JA2GTW           7L  
JA2KKA           21L 
JA2MWV           28L 
JA2PFO           28L 
JA2VHO           AB  
JA2XYO           MOP 
JA2YDU           MOP 
JE2BOM           28  
JE2DOD           ABL 
JE2HXL           28L 
JF2CTY           28L 
JF2FKJ           21L 
JF2IWL           AB  
JF2OHQ           28L 
JG2KKG           14L 
JG2QUM           28L 
JG2SON           28L 
JH2BTM           28  
JH2FXK           28  
JI2IXA           ABL 
JI2MWH           AB  
JK2TTP           7   
JM2RUV/0         21L 
JQ2EAN/9         21L 
JQ2OUL           ABL 
JQ2VBC           28L 
JR2AAN/2         21L 
JR2ALA           28L 
JR2BOF           AB  
JR2EKD/2         28L 
JR2FJC           ABL 
JR2PMT           AB  

JA3AER           AB  
JA3AOP           AB  
JA3BBG           21L 
JA3EY            7   
JA3FRI           AB  
JA3PYC           ABL 
JA3QOS           AB  
JA3WA            21L 
JA3YBK(JS1PWV)   28  
JE3AZY           3.5L
JF3BFS           21L 
JF3IYW           21L 
JH3GMI           ABL 
JJ3DJS/8         28L 
JL3MCM           28L 
JM3PLL           ABL 
JM3QIS           ABL 
JN3CSF           21L 
JN3QNG           AB  
JN3SAC           AB  
JO3DDD           7   
JO3PSJ           ABL 
JP3BEE           ABL 
JR3KQJ           CHK 
JR3NZC           21  
JS3CTQ           AB  
JS3LSQ           28  

JA4AQR           ABL 
JA4AVO           7L  
JA4DPL           AB  
JA4NQD           28  
JA4UDN           ABL 
JE4MHL           ABL 
JH4BTI           AB  
JH4UTP           AB  
JH4UYB           AB  
JJ4CDW           28L 
JJ4NZO/1         28  
JK4DUJ/4         21L 
JM4MGM           ABL 
JO4CTB           AB  
JR4GPA           14L 
JR4PDP           ABL 
JR4XME           28  

JA5CJZ(JE1LFX)   7   
JA5FDJ           28  
JG5DHX           7L  
JG5UWK           ABL 
JJ5GSY           AB  
JJ5HUD           ABL 

JA6HXW           7L  
JA6WFM           28L 
JA6WJL           28  
JE6HUR           14  
JH6FTJ           21L 
JH6QIL           21L 
JH6SCA           28L 
JH6WHN           28L 
JL6LTB           ABL 
JP6NWR           ABL 
JR6HMJ/1         28L 
JS6RTJ           28L 

JA7BEW           28L 
JA7BME           AB  
JA7HYS           ABL 
JA7LLL           14L 
JA7MSQ           21  
JA7NVF           28  
JA7OWD           28  
JA7SSP           ABL 
JA7ZP            AB  
JE7DMH           7L  
JE7YSS           MOP 
JH7CUO           28L 
JH7XVB           7   
JP7AWQ           28L 
JP7CFP           21L 
JP7CZE           ABL 

JA8CSY           ABL 
JA8IJI           ABL 
JG8TDZ           28  
JH8DBJ           7L  
JI8BUR           ABL 
JL8HLH           28L 
JR8ORC           AB  

JA9CCG           21  
JA9EJG           ABL 
JA9TQY           ABL 
JF9JTS           AB  
JH9URT           3.5 

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